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BCWN and Cloverleaf.

The Black Career Women's Network has partnered with Cloverleaf to chart your personality, practices, and skills and get insights into how we all work together. Ready to begin?



Cloverleaf makes understanding yourself, easy.


Know yourself, and know your team. Get the insight you need to make better decisions.

Cloverleaf is designed to help manage the relationship between employee and manager, with a focus on personal and professional development.


Free Assessments

You get access to free personality, strengths and culture assessments to learn more about yourself and chart a path to your next great career opportunity.


Career Insights

Customized insights to better leverage the great parts of your experience and how you work for success.

Your customized recommendations can show you career paths and industries that are most likely to have success with.

Consume content that can help you develop your career.


Get Connections

With your completed profile, Cloverleaf can connect you with teams that are looking for your skills, cultural preferences and experience to take their teams to the next level.