21% More Profitable

It’s a drab Monday morning, and you’ve just sat down at your desk with a lukewarm cup of coffee, mentally preparing yourself for a day of rote tasks and disregarded opinions -- it’s a typical day in the average life of an undervalued employee.

Across the country, only a third of employees are actually engaged in their jobs. The remaining employees just show up, do the bare minimum, and leave, and ultimately have low commitment to their companies -- they’ll quickly leave if there’s a better offer elsewhere.

Employee engagement is critical in organizations, not only for the sanity of employees, but for the success of the company.

Companies in the top 25% of employee engagement are 21% more profitable and their employees are 87% less likely to leave the company compared to the companies in the bottom 25%. Not only that, but companies that engage employees are also have better customer engagement, fewer accidents, higher productivity, and employees even report better health. It’s no argument that engaging people in the workplace has many benefits.

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