Carabello Coffee Case Study

Meet Justin & Emily Carabello, they run a successful coffee shop and roastery in the greater Cincinnati area. Carabello Coffee is consistently rated among the best coffee and coffee house experiences in the city based on Yelp and other location-based rating sites. They recently purchased and rehabbed a corner building adjacent to their existing store for an expansion of the coffee house and roasting operation. It’s a big operation, and it’s growing, which means expanded personnel challenges.

They used Cloverleaf to get a better understanding of their existing workforce and to better position their personnel as they head into an expanded operating footprint.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.22.52 PM

Some of the things they learned by using Cloverleaf to assess their team was that the baristas all had the same personality type and it highlighted that a J (judging) is critical for that important customer service role. Cloverleaf also highlighted that potential baristas that have strengths focused in executing and relationship building bring a combination of skills that are critical to being successful in the role.

Shortly after they built a team in Cloverleaf, Emily hired a new employee. But this person wouldn't have been on their radar had it not been for what they discovered through the Cloverleaf data visualizations.

This new employee previously wouldn’t have been the kind of person they would typically consider. But because of what they learned about their team through Cloverleaf, they recognized that this new person actually had the same personality facets as the rest of their team, making them a surprising ideal fit.

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With these new insights, Carabello Coffee began using the Cloverleaf Applicant Tracking System to screen all potential new employees. Gathering information on personality and strengths at the same time they are gathering resumes allows Carabello to superimpose the applicants on their existing team to see which future potential employees have the right combination of personality, strengths or skills and cultural fit to be the next great barista, cafe manager or coffee roaster.

Cloverleaf has already changed the Carabello’s hiring process, ensuring delicious coffee for generations to come. To start your team on the road to discovering its fit and next great hire visit today.