New Team Dashboard - Bring Your Friends

Cincinnati Startup Launches First Team-Centric Performance Management SaaS Platform

Cincinnati-based startup, Cloverleaf, announces the launch of their subscription-based, turnkey performance management platform with the mission of unleashing people to do their best work. Using a combination of existing assessments and custom algorithms, Cloverleaf combines personality, culture, and skills data to reveal insights on how both individuals and teams, work best.

Cloverleaf, founded by Darrin Murriner and Kirsten Moorefield, gives a much needed upgrade to the traditional HR and professional development models of coaching, consulting, and personality assessment experiences by way of an easy to implement digital experience. The Cloverleaf platform consists of a streamlined, customizable dashboard featuring both individual and team data visualizations.

To drive positive behavior change and to meet employees where they work, Cloverleaf sends insights about individuals and team members through integrations with everyday tools like email, calendar, and collaboration platforms such as Slack. "Teams don’t need more places to communicate, but need the communication they currently have to be more effective.” says CEO, Darrin Murriner.

Cloverleaf is expanding the growing 4.7 billion dollar industry of performance management for small-to-medium sized businesses.

"Work engagement is stubbornly low. It all comes back to poor communication and less-than-ideal relationships with coworkers and managers in teams. We want people in teams to understand their role and appreciate the contributions their teammates can make." says Murriner.

Cloverleaf is available now for free for individuals, and as a customized, subscription-based platform for teams of all sizes. Users can sign up and learn more at

Cloverleaf version 1.0.0 - Bring your friends

TL;DR: Oh look, it's a new team dashboard built from the ground, up. Which is always the best way to build something.


All new team dashboard!

The team dashboard has been completely redesigned and re-engineered. We took the best of what was working, mixed it together with what we heard from our users, added a dash of new colors and icons, folded in mobile-friendly, future-proof layout, and baked it in an oven of new formulas and technology. It's delicious.

See what you want. Hide what you don't.

You can collapse and expand visualizations on the team dashboard, helping you focus on what you need at that moment. You can also hide assessments completely if your team doesn't use them.

Picture this: Avatars!

Now there's a whole new reason to use those Animoji on your newfangled phone. Upload a photo of yourself and be easier to spot on the team dashboard.

New Team Visualizations!

Get new insights on how you and your team work together. Cloverleaf now supports VIA Strengths Assessment for teams. There is also a brand new Relationship Map Builder to see how two individuals on a team relate to each other.

Baseball Cards. Collect them all.

See the personality and strengths assessment results, conflict triggers, relationship map view, cultural preferences, and skills at a glance, from anywhere on the team dashboard for any person on the team. One more click, and you can reach their full personal page.

For "how to's", visit our Knowledge Base.


Updated algorithms and formulas that make up the scoring of teams. This produces more accurate cross-mapping and relationships between teammates, and better insights content.

Updated "Average View" on the Culture Pulse team visualization. Easily see how closely related a team member is to the cultural average of a team.

Updated candidates view. Showing up as a bright purple avatar, it's easy to see what your team would look like if a potential team member were added.

Updated team visibility. Add/remove/show/hide team members using the "Team Members" sidebar on the team dashboard. You can now show/hide people to see different team scenarios, and update all the visualizations.


Fixed a resizing issue on the relationship map visualization.

User stats card wasn't showing skills. Now they are.

Disc scores weren't the same on dashboard and user stats card.

Fixed issue where application was running in legacy PHP. That was suboptimal. Quick fix.

Fixed a rare issue where the "create team" button on the dashboard dropdown would get duplicated. You don't need more than one of those buttons to create more than one team.

There were a lot of instances where boxes were overlapping in a way they shouldn't be overlapping. So, we sorted them out.

Thanks to our current users for providing feedback. Keep the ideas and feedback coming!