Creating a Culture of Learning

Graphic with “Creating a Culture of Learning: A Question & Answer Session with ThinkHuman & Cloverleaf”

In July we got the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar titled, "Creating a Culture of Learning" with Meredith Haberfeld of ThinkHuman. We wanted to have a discussion that inspired ideas on implementing a greater learning culture within your own organization. Panelists included Darrin Murriner - CEO of Cloverleaf, Siobhan O'Leary -  SVP People & Culture at Convene, and Lyndsey Hannigan - Director of Talent at Clio.

 Below is a highlight reel of live Q & A webinar, and a roundup of a few of our favorite culture of learning tips from the panelists. 

A graphic of the key quotes of the “Creating a Culture of Learning” webinar

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