Empower Your Team (and Why It's Important)

It makes sense - the more you empower your team to get work done, the more work will get done as engagement increases and team members are eager to accomplish the work. Still, as a manager and team leader, this is not always an easy process. In this post, we will recap the benefits of empowering your team and some simple steps to empower your team.

Benefits of empowering your team

Research supports clear benefits of empowering your team including increase in job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and is negatively associated with employee strain and turnover intentions. On a deeper level, the Harvard Business Review explains that those who are empowered feel as though their job has meaning and are competent in their abilities. In addition, a significant component is that team members trust their leaders. This leads to team members putting effort forward without feeling as though they are being taken advantage of by the team leader or company as a whole. Overall, this cycles back to team members feeling as though what they are doing matters.

Simple steps to empower your team

  1. Understand the best ways to communicate with each team member to provide a clear message around personal and team goals.

  2. Encourage creativity within the team and express openness to new ideas from all team members. This will help to reinforce trust of team members and prevent micromanaging.

  3. A team should function as a team by working well together. Team members should be connected with one another, aware of what other team members are working on and should be comfortable asking for help - as they know the landscape of projects and tasks being completed.

While these steps might seem simple, it takes intentionality as a leader to work and empower your team members.

Miranda Cocca