Hear What the Founder of StrengthsFinder Says About Teams

Marcus Buckingham, founder of StrengthsFinder

The Cloverleaf team listened to a podcast recently that featured the founder of Strengths Finder, Marcus Buckingham. If you, like the Cloverleaf team, are a fan of StrengthsFinder then this is a must listen to.

In this 60 minute clip Marcus covers some interesting ground.

1. Strengths as a responsibility to society. Marcus believes firmly that once you understand your strengths the next step is understanding that they are not for us, but for others. What good can we do with them?

2. Marcus makes a clear distinction between being good at something, which is performance and not necessarily a strength. Performance and strengths can be connected along with passion, but in itself they are not the same things.

3. At the 34:00 mark in the podcast he mentions that anything of value accomplished has been done in concert with other people. He (and we) call this teams at work. Talents grow in response to other people. 

4. Then our personal favorite at the 45:00 mark he validates the Cloverleaf business model. He says there is nothing like us on the market - well there is and you can try it for free by registering your account today.