How InfoTrust Empowers Team Members

Here at Cloverleaf, we care about all things team culture. After writing a post over the importance of empowering your team, we reached out to a few companies to ask how a team leader within their company works to empower team members.

We are featuring InfoTrust in our first interview and ask Chase Howell, the company’s Marketing Manager, a few questions. Headquartered in Cincinnati, InfoTrust is a digital analytics consulting and technology company with almost 50 employees and is growing rapidly. InfoTrust works with some of the largest companies around the world to gain data confidence so they can make better decisions for their company and improve their digital marketing efforts. Chase is a marketing innovator, content creator, life-long learner, and sports enthusiast.

How does your leadership style work to empower your team?

As a strong C (DISC profile), my personal strength is organization. This allows me to set clear standards and implement structure within a very fast-moving work environment, in turn helping my team to clearly understand their objectives and what success looks like.

How has understanding your employees personality and skills allowed you to lead them better and provide clear objectives?

By understanding my team's DISC profiles, I can better tailor goal-setting to their strengths/weaknesses. For example, if a team member is a high-I, it's likely that she/he wants less structure in my direction. In this circumstance, it's best for me to provide a clear end-objective vs. step-by-step details, allowing them to flourish creatively. If I were working with a team member that's a strong C, like myself, I would be much more detailed about every needed step of a project, giving thorough direction while explaining the 'why' behind each step.

What has been key in empowering your team at InfoTrust?

I believe recognizing that each team member perceives interactions differently based on their DISC style has been incredibly helpful. We all have a card on our desk that allows other team members to view our DISC style at any time, allowing for more transparency and understanding instead of possibly unresolved friction or frustration.

Reinforcing trust is a part of being able to empower your team. How do you reinforce trust within your team and workplace?

For me, trust is reinforced by follow-through. If you commit to a task or project, deliver it. Naturally, ask for help along the way if needed, and if it's clear that the task or project will require an extended deadline, be honest about this change well before the final product is expected. This transparency and commitment tells team members that your word has some stock, and they know they can count on you.

How do you encourage team members to be self-aware and understand when they need help and comfortable asking for help?

Positivity and honesty! There will be a time when your workload hits capacity, and you'll need to rely on your team members, as well. By building a culture of friendliness, others will not feel hesitant about approaching you for help. Be realistic and honest with them about your own capacity, and don't be afraid to tell them, "Not this time, sorry!" if your own schedule can't allow for it.

Miranda Cocca