Is Job Hopping Still Stigmatized?

I recently read an article from Fast Company that not only claims that job hopping isn't stigmatized but has actually become necessary for a strong career. This led to a good discussion within the Cloverleaf team.

It would be easy for me to come to the defense of job hoppers since I have done a fair amount in my career. Even though I spent ten years at the same company I still moved about every three years into a new role with greater responsibility. But even I can't get past the idea that 'job hoppers' are never satisfied.

But the article makes some great points about the adaptability of those that change jobs regularly. Not to mention recent studies that indicate those moving positions tend to make larger salaries over time.

However, what really caught our attention at Cloverleaf was the following quote:

"If we changed our perspective and said, ‘Everyone here wants to come in, do a great job, and contribute,’ then they either fit or they don’t." After all, this is the typical approach for most organizations bringing new people into their organization. A little hope, a little prayer, maybe even a little luck.

What if we told you that luck has nothing to do with it? What if we said that you could actually find employees that were adaptable, skilled in the role you need them to be skilled in and most importantly are a good fit culturally? That is exactly what we are saying you can do with Cloverleaf.

Cloverleaf is the identity discovery & development tool for individuals & teams. It is the only tool on the market for team building and recruiting that incorporates skills, personality and culture to not only get the most out of your team but also help you find and select the right members to add.