New Feature Release: Admin Dashboard

Our Enterprise Users asked for a simpler way to manage your people and teams. Now you can.
Manage all the people, teams, tags, and admin in your organization from one screen.

Introducing Tags.
Use tags to group people within your organization without having to make a Team. Tags are only visible to admin of the tag, and to the Organization Admin. For example, you can create a tag called “West Coast” to group people in a specific region. Or, create a tag called “Sales Team” to group people in a specific role. Then, assign an admin to that tag. The Tag Admin can manage any person with that tag, no matter what team they’re on.

Admin Management.
Assign admins to teams, or tags. Admins can add/remove people from teams, add/remove tags from people, and create new tags to manage. By assigning an admin, they are granted access to the new Organization Admin section of the Cloverleaf platform, and can only see the people they have admin permission over.

For "how to's" on the new admin dashboard, visit our Knowledge Base for Admin.

Thanks to all our Pro Users who expressed their management challenges and helped us develop this solution. Keep the ideas and feedback coming here!

GIF of team dashboard

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