People and Culture

Peter Aceto, the CEO of Tangerine (formerly ING Direct) recently sat down with Simon Sinek, author and thought leader on culture and workforce relationships. In their conversation they covered a lot of ground regarding the role of people in creating culture. You can see the full video clip below. This is a concept that we are passionate about at Cloverleaf. The premise of Cloverleaf is that you can discover culture and impact culture by understanding the people inside that culture. Whether your group is a small work team or a Fortune 500 company it still comes down to the shared values, attitudes and beliefs of the people inside those 'teams'.

Simon agrees. The highlights from this clip include:

  1. Culture is what brings people together. While the textbook definition may be common values and beliefs, a strong culture is one that has a group of people that care about each other. Oftentimes cultures collapse during hard times, but strong and enduring cultures persist through difficult periods.
  2. CEO's that put culture first are the leaders that achieve great things
  3. Our biology is social and as social beings we are at our best when we work together. With that in mind, are we working towards our own natural best in the context of the teams we work within?
  4. Simon believes that it is impossible to adjust culture by creating arbitrary (often quantifiable) business goals.
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 12.56.48 PM

These are all themes that are covered by Cloverleaf. We believe that visualizing the team gives great insights into organizational culture. Furthermore, this can only happen if the development of the individual is the basis for this analysis and planning.

This was reinforced recently in a blog post on the Talent Management & HR blog entitled "8 Culture Change Secrets Most Leaders Don’t Understand". In this post, the eighth point was that culture transformation starts with personal transformation.

I love this point from Larry Senn. You can effectively cover the first seven “secrets” but your change efforts will bog down as individual behavior and mindset issues continue to persist, especially with top leaders. Top leaders must gain an understanding of how their behavior is impacting the behavior of others. Is that impact constructive, passive, or aggressive? How are they reinforcing the current culture? What individual and team development efforts need to be managed in parallel with the overall organization transformation?

That is why at Cloverleaf we not only provide team scenario tools but we also provide personal insights that are tailored to your strengths, personality and cultural preferences. To get your free personal cultural profile and insights and connect with your teammates go to Cloverleaf today.