Pretty Cool Workplace

Small companies and small teams don’t mean employees have to feel small. Working at Cloverleaf means that everyone, regardless of their role, feels that they can contribute to real change and drive results for the company. From intern to CEO, collaboration reaches across the organization to find efficiencies and help everyone do their best work. But the Cloverleaf difference lies in the fact that our mission is rooted in supporting individuals to live their passions in their work – to see their work making a difference and feel valued for their opinions. Our product is designed to help other companies do exactly that – AI-powered personality mapping gives teammates insights into others and how they can best collaborate to not only do better work, but to feel empowered doing it. Cloverleaf is the coolest company because we not only practice what we preach, but we feel genuinely supported by those around us, and it helps us make this a possibility for others across the country.

At Cloverleaf, we make the most of what we have – the bare minimum becomes something great. After months with a dozen people crammed in a tiny, lifeless office, our design intern created murals for our barren walls, instantly giving life to our space. At Cloverleaf, a Post-it note becomes a prototype into a product, small talk becomes personal connections, and a tiny office becomes an art gallery.

While the bottom line is important in any organization, and especially in a growing startup, Cloverleaf has an energy to it that is ambitious yet authentic, evaluative yet curious, persistent yet supportive, and so much more. It’s truly a company that puts people before profit, because it’s just what we do -- we wouldn’t exist if we didn’t put relationships first.

We eat lunch together every day, sharing stories about our weekends, families, travels, and so on -- asking “What if?” and “Would you rather?” while complimenting each other’s enviable sandwiches. And of course, our Wednesday Winners Lunch of Retrospective Victory Celebration is a time to reflect on the week, sharing our ups and downs from in and out of work while thinking of how we can keep getting better as a team.

I’m so thankful to work at Cloverleaf because even as an intern, I don’t feel like a typical intern -- I know the work I do is valued, and I’m supported in every way to do my best work. Cloverleaf is, without a doubt, really cool.

(Check it out — we were named among the coolest companies in Cincinnati in 2019!)