Qualities of a Sales Role

Here at Cloverleaf, we have the unique opportunity to gain insights on the people, personality and skill set behind any given role. For each new Cloverleaf customer, we gain data points. While we don’t feel that there is one right profile for a particular type of role, it's interesting to see patterns emerge that can identify aspects common to people filling common roles.

Each month we will highlight a different role’s personality and strengths data that we’ve collected. This month we’re focusing the role of a Sales related role. (Check out our blog posts written on qualities of Software Engineer Roles and Project Manager Roles).


Interestingly enough, based on our data, there is not a dominating strength for  individuals in Sales. Those in sales are almost evenly split across the board in executing, strategic thinking, and relationship building.

Achiever, Responsibility and Competition are the top 3 strengths of all people in Sales on our platform. Achievers have a stamina for hard work and set goals to help accomplish items. Those with the strength of Responsibility are dependable because they take ownership for items they commit to and are emotionally bound to complete things that they start. Also, those with the Competition strength like to be compared against others, they have high energy and are people who have a drive to always succeed.


Not too surprisingly, over 80% of people in sales are extroverts.Two thirds of those in Sales on Cloverleaf have Intuitive and Judging aspects of their personality according to our 16 Types.

Extraverted individuals like to communicate by talking with others, enjoy group work and look to others and outside sources for ideas and inspiration. Because of these qualities, extraverts may feel isolated by spending time alone and may be more attention seeking. Intuitive individuals are very imaginative, open-minded and curious while judging individuals are decisive, thorough and highly organized.

Be sure to keep in mind that while this article has focused on providing information on personality and strengths for those in sales, many other factors including work style preferences, motivating values, and skills are all important to an individual’s success. See the whole picture by getting your team on a free trial of Cloverleaf today.