Building a Successful Team

Teams were made because we aren’t meant to face the world alone. From collaboration and sparking of new ideas, to personal connections and monthly team cookouts, your team could be what you look forward to in the morning coming into work. Check out some more ideas about how our team makes work a little more fun and a Pretty Cool Workplace!

Setting your team up for success

The first step to creating a successful team is understanding the person beyond what’s on their resume. From their behavioral profile, strengths, and work culture preferences, you will gain a deeper understanding of who the true person is, and how they will fit with others. 

This is broadening the definition of diversity beyond just protected classes and ensuring you have people on a team that can process information differently to arrive at the best possible decisions.

Once the team has been strategically selected, aiding the success is an ongoing process, from defining their roles, integrating their skills into the team, and staying up to date on the work they do. Read this blog to learn more in depth about how to develop a diverse team through the forming, storming, norming, and performing process that is widely accepted as a model for team development.

Resolving Conflict

Conflict is sure to arise in any workplace, but having a plan for when it does is key. Also, having a constant flow of communication will help to prevent any future conflict that may be elevated. Here are some tips on how to do that:

- Host regular 1:1’s; this will keep consistent, open communication and will allow for any underlying issues to be discussed

- Conduct a daily, 10-15 minute stand-up to give each team member a chance to talk about what they have worked on during the day and to keep everyone on the same page

- When conflict is recognized, address the conflict head-on, but with sensitivity to the relationship

- Use Cloverleaf Relationship Map; this will show you how to best communicate, tackle conflict, and work together