Release Notes

Discover what’s new and improved here at Cloverleaf:

October 9th:

Simpler Invitation Sign Up
Now when someone gets an invitation to join a team, the link to sign up will be pre-filled with the correct information (no more confusion of which email is registered with the team or mistakes when signing up) - also one invitation acceptance will add you to both your team and overall organization that you were invited to

Bulk Opload
Bulk upload entire organizations with a single .csv and click of a button

Sept 25th:

Column re-prioritization
You may have noticed a slight shift of content on your Me Dashboard. Now you will get your daily coaching tips and enneagram right at the top of the page when you access Cloverleaf on a mobile device.

Updated team flow for creating a team

We have modified the team creation process to make it even easier to create a team. Now you can more easily name and create a team in only two clicks.

Streamlined account creation - less data and faster creation
Less data to fill out - now just one screen and fewer fields to create your account and get you faster to the good self-discovery that you came to Cloverleaf for.

Team creators get notified when someone accepts a team invite
Added someone to a team recently and not sure when or or not they’ve accepted the invite? There will now be an automatic email sent to you (the team creator) notifying that they accepted the invite and are now part of the team.