Team Building Lessons from a College Classroom

This past week Cloverleaf co-founder and SaaS Salesperson extraordinaire, Ford Knowlton, taught a class at our hometown university - The University of Cincinnati. The class called Professionalism and Purpose is in the college of business and is an elective for varsity athletes. Many sports were represented by athletes in the class - from track & field to football and everything in between.


During the class Ford talked to the athletes about team chemistry, a subject that we know quite a bit about at Cloverleaf given our focus on helping people build teams and find the right mix of people to produce exceptional results.

One of the key discussion points of the class conversation was the role that different personality types, dispositions and strengths influence how team members learn and how they need to be coached. This is a concept that applies regardless of whether you are accomplishing things on the football field or the conference room.

Members of the UC linebacking core are acutely aware of this at a practical level as it is exposed during a missed assignment or highlighted with the roar of approval of 40,000 fans when they are in the right place at the right time.

While they may know it at a very implicit level they had never seen this visualized, until now. The image on the left is two parts of their Cloverleaf profile. Their personality is very clearly that of a "Performer" and being a key leader of the defense they need to be able to influence their teammates and execute on defensive assignments.

Just like the University of Cincinnati football team, you too can visualize your team for greater understanding and performance. Get started today by registering and invite your team.