The 401K for Your Development Plan

The 401K was an innovation in retirement savings and employee benefits. Sure, they may not beat the "good ol' days" of defined benefit pension plans - but that wasn't a sustainable model. There is no doubt that its tax advantaged status has been a boon for Americans' financial savings. And the fact that you can take the money with you and move the funds easily from manager to manager or into and out of various funds makes it an amazingly flexible tool. What if there was a way to take that same innovative approach to your career development plan?

I have worked for 3 large, national or international employers in my 16 year career and each of them put us through multiple development plans that ranged from one day, team-based training to multi-week development plans that included off-sites and executive coaches.

Regardless of the length or intensity in these training classes they all had a few things in common:

  1. They were built for your current employer

  2. They used a model that was best for the organization you were in at the time

  3. They ended up in a drawer or on a shelf and were rarely referred to again

But Cloverleaf is changing all of that. Now you can log the results of those assessments as you take them or find new assessments (like DISC and 16 Types) to learn more about yourself.

But beyond the results of the assessments you can now put that information to good use in a way that evolves with the teams you work with. Teams are constantly changing; new roles, new team members, departing team members all impact how the team performs and the cultural dynamics that can impact performance.