The Quality of the People You Work With

inside of Google's office

Google (or Alphabet depending on your viewpoint) is known for being an innovative company. Search, Office Productivity & Driverless Cars are among the many technologies that they have helped pioneer. But perhaps one of their biggest innovations is in the area of people. After all, the company has grown its workforce from 3,000 employees to over 61,000 in ten years and you don't grow to be one of the biggest jobs and profit generators in the world without doing people well.

As a result, Google's HR leaders have become in demand as thought leaders in regards to managing teams. One example of this is Laszlo Bock, the SVP of Google's People Operations and author of the book Work Rules!

A key takeaway from the book is that, "people don't stay for the money," according to Bock. But instead, the number one reason people stay is the quality of the people they work with.

This interaction between the people on work teams and the quality, commitment and attitudes of the people on those teams are a huge factor not just in employee engagement but also in the productivity and success of those teams.

That is why we created Cloverleaf - to help people understand their teams better and more importantly to choose the people on the team that they can work best with. Factors such as personality and strengths and not just technical competency are considered when finding the right combination of people to work with.

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