Deliver More Value To Both Parties

Measure and communicate the partnership success factors of Accountability, Trust, Problem Solving, Quality, Project Management, Performance, Transparency, Results, Communication, and more. Deliver a full report with summaries, recommendations, and next steps.

All with the Cleaver V/P 360


Built with 60 years of experience

This isn't a simple survey and results. This isn't a quick overview. This is a 360 degree deep dive into the relationship intersection between Vendor and Partner. Cleaver’s methodology is backed by nearly 60 years of organizational consultation and coaching, along with Cloverleaf's unparalleled assessment insight tool.


Make Better Relationships a Part of What You Do


The stakes are too high for large enterprises to take chances on the relationships with their biggest partners. The Cleaver VP 360 process and report gives both parties a full view of the vitals within the relationship. Keep Vendors and Partners informed about what keeps the relationship alive and thriving.

Just like a good relationship, the Cleaver VP 360 is built on communication. It starts with verbal interviews and feedback from both parties, from which themes and summaries are created. These themes are rated and mapped to factors that each party should focus on. This all-encompassing approach is facilitated by experts with decades of experience.


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Cleaver Company brings almost 60 years of experience in the people development and human capital industries to the DISC assessment. Cleaver's proprietary tools, processes, and methodologies have been crafted and honed over decades of field work and research to reflect the most effective and up to date practices in change psychology, behavior, and business skills.