How Cloverleaf works for Coaches & Consultants.

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Single Technology platform.

Administer assessments (DISC, MB, VIA to name a few), provide team building resources, offer talent management and employee development tools and provide ongoing support for your clients all from a single technology platform.


get certified.

Cloverleaf can facilitate training and certification on the use of key assessment tools. We provide you with resources for facilitation and coaching that can be used to take your practice to the next level.


Grow your business.

Cloverleaf can connect you with resources to help grow your business. We provide you with an expanded toolbox that provides solutions to your clients' biggest needs. Your clients need long-term solutions that increase engagement and performance, not a one-time shot-in-the-arm that quickly fades. With Cloverleaf, deliver more than a team offsite.

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Offer solutions.

You get solutions to offer for your clients' toughest problems. Partnership 360's, IT Leadership and Management Training programs to name a few. Cloverleaf's embedded learning capabilities helps facilitate this development long after classroom training.



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