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Additional services provided by Cleaver Company


Cleaver Disc Certification

Expand your coaching toolbox through hands-on training with Cleaver Company, an industry leader in the design and application of individual and team-based development tools and programs. Become certified in the Cleaver Disc/PDS (People Development System) and become eligible to establish your own account for online use of the tool. Learn how one deals with problems, procedures, routine and pace, and how to deal with other people.

Cleaver Management School

Help facilitate the move to management with this one-month intensive learning experience. Managers who are thrust into the responsibility of management without adequate training can be dangerous for an organization. Prepare managers to be leaders with proven methods and relevant training. Skill-building exercises led by professional managers with decades of real-world experience.


Cleaver IT Leadership

When people are moving from technical leader to business leader, they need a guide to help them fast-track their personal development. Facilitate the growth and development of IT managers and leaders—now and in the future—to help them appropriately engage, negotiate and communicate. Build Performance Playbooks, and translate personal leadership styles into deeper success. Deliver on three levels of impact: Individual, Team, and Enterprise.

Cleaver VP 360 Report

Identify the unique and nuanced factors that improve the relationship between vendors and partners. Measure and communicate the partnership success factors of Accountability, Trust, Problem Solving, Quality, Project Management, Performance, Transparency, Results, Communication, and more. Deliver a full report with summaries, recommendations, and next steps. Cleaver’s methodology in this process is backed by nearly 60 years of organizational consultation and coaching.


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Cleaver Company brings almost 60 years of experience in the people development and human capital industries to the DISC assessment. Cleaver's proprietary tools, processes, and methodologies have been crafted and honed over decades of field work and research to reflect the most effective and up to date practices in change psychology, behavior, and business skills.