Cloverleaf provides ongoing insights and coaching tips that fit effortlessly into your team’s workflow.

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According to a recent Cloverleaf study, 63% of respondents felt that assessment tools were valuable, but they don’t know how to use the information to make improvements.

Just taking the assessment will not serve to improve performance. Activating these insights in your daily work environment is the key to improving your interactions and productivity.


So What's different about Cloverleaf DISC?


The DISC assessment typically costs anywhere from $35 - $100, depending on the version you take. For a limited time, The Cloverleaf DISC Assessment is FREE.

Cloverleaf supports you with practical ways to apply your learnings in your day-to-day interactions:

Take the assessment & gain immediate access to your Cloverleaf dashboard to receive: 

  • Personal insights emails about you and your team members sent directly to you, to help your performance and interaction with them

  • Coaching emails: receive tips for personal improvement and ways to improve team productivity

  • Calendar integration: see quick insights about the people you’re getting ready to meet with to improve the productivity of the meeting


Don't use up your lunch break. Take the test and see your results in 5 minutes.