Task-focused and has a need to achieve. Gets results.


Drivers have a relentless energy and focus towards outcomes. They are able to keep the team focused on deadlines and deliverables and ensure that outcomes are achieved.


  • Challenges team to strive for success despite constraints.

  • Dynamic, thrives on pressure.

  • Has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles

  • Keeps the team moving and avoids losing focus or momentum.


  • Drivers are ideal managers because they generate action and thrive under pressure. They come into their own when quick and decisive action is called for.

  • Best to move into a leadership role when progress towards goals and objectives is unacceptably slow. Drivers can get things back on track.

Development Opportunities

  • The focus on outcomes can sometimes provoke others or offend people's feelings. Regular reminders (similar to Cloverleaf's team tips) are important to ensure Drivers individualize their approach to ensure others feelings are being considered.

  • If progress falls behind or doesn't keep pace with expectations Drivers risk becoming aggressive in attempts to get things done. It is important to recognize these feelings of frustration and create a call-to-action that addresses the situation, such as asking others if they need more time or resources.

  • When there are too many Drivers on a team, in-fighting may occur and can result in lowered morale. Be sure there is a clear Driver on the team and reposition others with clear responsibilities in other roles.

Team Roles Overview

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