To utilize the candidates feature, you have to contact Cloverleaf to get a link for your candidates to apply through. Once your candidate has gone through the link and filled out a profile you will be able to see them as a part of your team highlighted in blue. Below are the steps to do so:

1 - On the enterprise dashboard (get to by clicking "ENTERPRISE" tab at the top of the page), click the Enterprise side bar.

Enterprise Tab.png

2 - Click "Candidates" on dropdown menu and type the appropriate team you would like to see the candidate show up in, in the "Add to Team..." field and click Save.


3 - To view the Candidate on your team, click the "TEAMS" tab at the top of the your profile, and be sure you are on the correct team. Once on the team's page you assigned the candidate to, you will be able to see their information highlighted in blue. To view one candidate at a team you can toggle on and off the candidates in the "Team Members" box.