Inviting Your Team


STEP 1 - 

During the onboarding process you will reach the "Invite Your Team" page. To invite team members click the "START YOUR TEAM" button.


STEP 2 - 

Begin by filling out the details of your team. This includes team name, description, your desired privacy level, team stage, team geography and team duration.


Step 3 - 

If anyone at your company already has a Cloverleaf profile they should be listed on the "Add Team Members" page. For those that are not listed, type their email address in the white box below. When you are done, click "SHOW MY TEAM".



If you are not part of an existing team then you may see the following banner at the top of your account page.


However, if you were previously added to a team or have created a team previously then you will not see this banner and will need to use the following instructions to create a new team. * Visit here if you are adding a user to an existing team, or  here if you are an enterprise admin. 

STEP 1 - 

While on the "TEAMS" interface, click the " +CREATE TEAM " green button along the right-hand s


STEP 2 - 

Choose whether you would like to create an "Official Team" of those you work with in your organization or a "Fantasy Team". To create your Official Team follow the above steps 2-3. To create a Fantasy Team continue. 

official/fantasy team.png

Creating a Fantasy team requires that you have upgraded to Enterprise account status. If you have upgraded to an Enterprise account then you begin the team builder process, shown in the picture below.