Using tags

As an enterprise admin, you can (and should!) utilize the tagging feature. Tags can be used to categorize by geo-location, past or present projects, or any other way you would like to segment users. *These tags will not be seen by users and are only seen by those that have enterprise admin access. (Only Cloverleaf's team can grant enterprise admin access).

1 - To add a tag to a user, be sure you are on the "ENTERPRISE" dashboard, by clicking the Enterprise tab at the top of your screen.

2 - Click the "ENTERPRISE" side bar on the left. 

3 - Click the "People" section of the menu and then click the small "^" to select the person you would like to add a tag or tags to. 


4 - Type the tag in the "Assign a tag" field and press enter. (To delete a tag, press the "-" to the right of the tag.) 


5 - To sort by tags, click the "TAGS" section of the menu and you will see each tag that has been used. Turn the toggles on and off of particular tags to see the users' with those tags in the enterprise dashboard to the right.