So, you've created your profile, filled in a couple of assessments, and invited your team. What's next?

Here's how you can get the most out of Cloverleaf.


From your "ME" dashboard can learn more about all of your assessment results by clicking the question marks.


Go to the "TEAMS" tab to see your teams. Click on the dropdown to select which team you'd like to view.


Scroll down to the relationship map where you can see which team members have similar and contrasting thinking styles. Select the checkbox to the right of a person's name to orient the relationships around that specific team member.

View more details about each person's conflict style by clicking on question mark.


Click on a person's name to be taken to their insights page where you can view their strengths, personality type, and other assessment results.


In the insights box, click on the triangle to view insights into your teammate's communication styles, work styles, conflict triggers and more.


In any assessment box, click the question marks to learn more about each characteristic of your teammate.

Wish there was something else you could see here? We're constantly improving to help you help your team. Tell us your feedback here.