Creative, idea generators. Source of original ideas.


Innovators are ideas people. There is always a steady stream of new ideas. The innovator team member is great in environments where new and fresh ideas or concepts are regularly needed such as product development, branding and design or envisioning the key activities of a project plan.


  • Creative

  • Imaginative

  • Free-thinking

  • Rich in ideas

  • Good problem solver

  • Can often use unconventional means


  • Best utilized to challenge conventional and established ways of doing things and provide suggested solutions for solving complex problems.

  • Innovators are often needed at the beginning of a project or when a project is failing to progress. They can provide a jolt of new thoughts and ideas to get things back on track.

  • If too many innovators are in the team, bad ideas can conceal good ones and non-starters can be given too much airtime. Be sure there is a clear innovator for the team and reposition others that may be inclined to try and play the innovator role.

Development Opportunities

  • Set regular reminders to communicate updates to key stakeholders to avoid becoming too preoccupied to communicate effectively. Your ideas are only as good as the people that can act on them.

  • Look for ways to get support or put process in place for administrative tasks to avoid losing track of incidental details or next steps.

Team Roles Overview

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