What stuff do you bring to a team?

Answer the questions in each section. If you find yourself saying "yes" to them, tap the button you agree with.

Section 1 of 4

1. Do you make decisions quickly?

2. Are you strongly motivated to achieve results?

3. Do you like to build things?

If yes, you are a Driver.

Section 2 of 4

1. Do you consider change to be a good thing?

2. Do you enjoy building into others?

3. Do you naturally sell and promote ideas or products?

If yes, you are a Promoter.

Section 3 of 4

1. Do you find yourself imagining how systems could be improved?

2. Do you need to understand details about something before moving forward?

3. Do you enjoy managing processes?

If yes, you are an Analyzer.

Section 4 of 4

1. Do you think a lot about the future?

2. Do you enjoy brainstorming ideas that don't yet exist?

3. Do you enjoy strategy games?

If yes, you are an Ideator.