Slow, analytical, and able to detach for a broader perspective. Objective.


Monitors are great at keeping tabs on progress and having an innate sense of where things stand with a team or with progress towards goals. They are able to stay out of the weeds to keep a broader perspective that is often necessary to keep a project in line with broader objectives.


  • Sober, strategic and discerning.

  • Sees all the options and judges logically, accurately and impartially.

  • Crucial for making informed decisions.


  • Can be utilized most effectively at analyzing problems and evaluating ideas and suggestions. Monitors are very good at weighing the pro's and con's of options.

  • When paired with a Driver, can be very effective at navigating challenging situations. The Monitor's problem solving abilities can be extremely effective when they are trusted by the team.

Development Opportunities

  • To avoid becoming overly critical, it is important to give Monitors direct responsibility & accountability over certain tasks. This can keep them from being viewed as having a lack of drive.

  • If decision making gets slowed be sure to put deadlines on tasks that are ambiguous or could feel open-ended.

Team Roles Overview

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