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Simplify Assessments.

Take the world’s most popular assessments right on Cloverleaf. The dashboard supports DISC, StrengthsFinder, VIA, Myers-Briggs and many more. Customize which assessments are priority, for faster results.

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It's About The Candidate Experience.

Cloverleaf makes testing fun. With assessments that are built for a mobile-first experience, your candidates can complete assessments in less than 5 minutes on their phone. No more long, overwhelming pages that product inaccurate results.

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easy to implement

With a fast, automated process, you can give hiring managers the access and reporting they need to make the right decisions. No complicated implementation and easy integration with tools you already use. Get started TODAY!

Run fast, data-driven comparisons between candidates. See how they impact your existing teams, fill gaps and meet future development goals.

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