Networker. Goes outside the team to bring in ideas or resources.


Resourcers are connectors that bring ideas, people, skills and knowledge from outside the team or organization to the task at hand at just the right time and place.


  • Outgoing

  • Enthusiastic, networker

  • Explores opportunities and ideas

  • Develops contacts


  • Resourcers are natural negotiators and are great at exploring new opportunities and developing contacts. They are best at finding out what is available and from whom.

  • Represent your best options to explore and report back on ideas, developments or resources outside their immediate group. Projects such as identifying the best vendors, forming new partnerships or recruiting new talent are great opportunities for Resourcers

  • When the team is at risk of becoming isolated and inwardly-focused, Resourcers can provide inside knowledge on the opposition and make sure that the team’s idea can carry to the world outside the team. 

Development Opportunities

  • Put process in place to ensure you don't forget to follow-up on a lead - this could include reminders on your mobile device or a to-do list. Find what works best for you.

  • Could become overly optimistic about the impact of other people or opportunities but can lose interest once the initial enthusiasm has passed. Pair with a Coordinator or Driver to ensure good opportunities aren't wasted.

Team Roles Overview

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