Good listener, smoothes over conflict. Glue for team cohesion.


Teammates are key team members for creating culture and sense of belonging on the team. They provide an environment where everyone feels known and cared for. Teammates are often able to find common ground and help the team bounce back from conflict.


  • Co-operative, perceptive and diplomatic.

  • Listens and averts friction

  • Flexible and supportive.

  • Helps the team to get and complete the work required.


  • Teammates shine when situations are tense and people feel uncared for and unappreciated.

  • Giving a Teammate a bigger role in the team can help improve morale.

Development Opportunities

  • Teammates may want to avoid confrontation with others on the team but confronting underlying issues to resolve differences is a key part of building strong relationships with those they are working with.

  • When making a decision that has the possibility of being unpopular, focus on the greater good rather than individual reactions.

Team Roles Overview

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