Become 16 Types certified

Expand your coaching toolbox with in-depth training and application of the 16 Types for individual and team-based development approaches

expand your coaching toolbox

Get trained in fundamental components of 16 Types (Jungian assessment) through a self-paced online experience.  The content of all varying types reveals the power of the instrument to help identify opportunities for individuals and team success and potential human behavior challenges.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified in the use of 16 Types. Certified users will be given a Resource Guide that will help guide the user through the certification process and referred to for later use. Certification is provided remotely to fit your schedule!

Get certified by the experts

Get foundational certification in 16 Types and become a 16 Types teacher.  Learn how each type functions in the world and develop skills that will help you interact and empathize with others.  

On an individual level, 16 Types can help develop self-awareness.  This helps increase your self-development and creates the best version of yourself that will help you obtain the lifestyle you want to lead. On a team level, you can help the team be more productive.  By understanding your team’s 16 Types you will be able to tap into each member’s true potential and increase your team’s productivity.

The 16 Types learning, background, tools, and techniques you learn from this certification can be applied to individual coaching, team performance, and organizational development.  By studying 16 Types you can deepen personal and professional relationships through understanding behavioral patterns of different personality types. 

become 16 Types certified

personality and behavioral assessments


The 16 Types certification course offers the following learning objectives:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the Assessment: what it is and how to maximize its value

  • To learn how to understand behavior and motivation better

  • To learn how to use the Assessment in a team dynamic

  • To understand the feedback techniques that provide greater team clarity

The 16 Types Certification costs $500.

Our program is perfect for anyone interested in becoming a 16 Types Coach. Additionally, our 16 Types certification course is one of the few offerings that teach you the 16 Types from a business perspective. The accreditation and experience within our courses are a fantastic place to learn more about the 16 Types and have the opportunity to ask questions.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll help you find if this is the best opportunity for you.

The online course is self-paced but on average the course takes about 3 hours. You will also be asked to complete a 30 minute 1:1 session with a Cloverleaf representative at the end of the course to complete your certification.