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Cloverleaf provides multiple partnership approaches that can help bring assessments and Automated Coaching™ to everyone. We have relationships with technology partners, programming partners, marketing partners, coaches and consultants, and assessment providers.



Cloverleaf provides multiple partnership approaches that can help bring assessments and Automated Coaching™ to everyone. Our team has experience building unique relationships with technology partners, programming partners, marketing partners, coaches and consultants, and assessment providers.


Opportunities to help you grow

Cloverleaf partnerships


Are you a human capital consultant or workplace coach looking to bring differentiated technology to help grow your practice, sustain the work you are doing with clients and increase scale? We have partner programs that are built specifically for you.


Do you have a broad network of business leaders that want assessment and coaching solutions to bring to their teams and organizations? If so, a marketing partnership can be a great way to get started working together. We offer referral bonuses and/or discounts that can help your clients or customers and position you as a trusted advisor.


We partner with leading assessment providers that have broad market awareness, provide a way to measure unique perspectives on human performance, and have certified practitioners. Let us know if this describes your organization and if you want to partner with Cloverleaf to bring your assessment to our customers.


Cloverleaf’s Open API framework allows partners to integrate Cloverleaf into their core product solutions. Technology partnerships can help you bring assessments or automated coaching to your customers, employees, or partners. To learn more about existing integrations, click here.

programming PARTNERSHIPS

Build content, coaching and programming on top of Cloverleaf’s technology stack. Do you have an audience or specific target market that Cloverleaf, along with your specific industry expertise, can lead to amazing learning solutions? Then programming partnerships could be right for you. Here are a couple of examples:
Agile TQ for Agile Teams
Client Navigator for Sales Teams



We combine the data from 10 popular motivational, behavioral, and personality assessments to create a profile on individual users on a team. These profiles help provide actionable and insightful coaching prompts that are delivered in workplace tools you love, like Google, Workplace, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and calendar integrations.

Automated Coaching™ delivers relevant insight and prompting in the workplace tools people use every day. Individuals can directly apply this perspective to increase emotional intelligence, strengthen communication, identify opportunities for collaboration, and work through conflict successfully with teammates.

Cloverleaf offers an open API framework for developers to build custom integrations with our platform. 


Click here to view the developer documentation.

Click here for a guide on how to build an integration with Cloverleaf.

In short, the answer is yes. While “AI” is a broad term encompassing various technologies, it’s crucial to clarify what we at Cloverleaf mean when we say “AI.” We define AI as the use of software algorithms that function and evolve based on training data, which updates the weights of a model. This differs from non-AI software that operates on explicit rules written in code. Like many tech companies, Cloverleaf integrates both rule-based algorithms and weight-based models to enhance our product. As new technology and techniques emerge, we rigorously study their potential and constraints, and strategically incorporate these advancements to further our ultimate mission: “Unleash people to do their best work.”

We’re always working to improve our product which means adding AI features when and where it makes sense. Here’s a list of the current Cloverleaf features that leverage AI. We’ll keep updating this list when we add new things. 


Insight Search: Insight search is powered in part by a text embedding model. Text embedding is the process of transforming words or phrases into numerical vectors that represent their semantic meaning. It allows us to connect your free text searches with the most relevant Cloverleaf coaching tips. We make sure your searches are private by removing any personal information, like names. We look at these searches to see where we can make things better, but we don’t use them to train our AI.


Tip Generation: Right now, the tips you see on Cloverleaf are rooted in research and written by real people who work for Cloverleaf. As AI technology improves, we’re using large language models (LLMs) to help with things like checking spelling and grammar. We’re also using it to improve our tip quality and tone at scale. We’ve made an intentional decision in our approach to ensure that 1) generative AI does not use any customer data and 2) any content modified by AI tools is truthful and rooted in research.

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