Cloverleaf Client Navigator

Rapidly build trust and shorten the sales cycle

How will sales navigator help your team?

What do tenured, successful salespeople in your organization have that their less experienced peers lack? Besides a few more years in the saddle, they have the ability to read people and adapt their approach based on the personality & style of the prospect. Years of business development & account management in the field have equipped them with this skill set, a skill set that is very difficult to teach.

At Cloverleaf we’ve developed a simple to use technology that gives your salespeople the ability to quickly breakdown their clients behavioral patterns using validated psychometric assessment. Spending 30 seconds in Cloverleaf Client Navigator after an initial sales call will enable reps to more rapidly build rapport & trust, shorten sales cycles and develop long lasting relational (not transactional) customers.

Instead of guessing, we get clarity FAST on how to develop solutions, present them, and anticipate possible objections...gamechanger.
Tom L
Director of Sales, PurAqua Products
As a management tool it has allowed me to identify why my reps lost (or won) a deal. I’ve become a better leader as a result
Mark D
VP Sales, Forshaw Inc
This tool puts HOW the prospect thinks at the forefront of my teams mind, and that’s invaluable
Ray F
LRG Corp
Cloverleaf Client Navigator Mobile Mockup