People Are Complicated, Cloverleaf Can Lead You Through The Complexity

How does Cloverleaf work?

Results from assessments are used to create Automated Coaching™ tips available in Cloverleaf and throughout your workplace tools. Access information to improve your understanding of the different strengths and dynamics of yourself and your team.

Look up insights, run side-by-side comparisons of teammates, or save, share, and reflect on the tips that resonate the most with you. You can even get Daily Coaching sent right to your inbox.

All Of Your Assessments In One Place

Cloverleaf allows you to access ten industry-leading assessments in behavior, culture, strengths, and productivity on a centralized platform that offers a comprehensive view of your team’s unique dynamics!

Our Assessments

What Is Automated Coaching™?

Automated Coaching™ is access to coaching where you want and when you need it most. You’ll get coaching tips through your workplace tools like email, slack, and MS Teams or coaching tips relevant to the meetings on your calendars. It also includes features like the Insight Search tool on your My Dashboard that allows you to search for and receive contextually relevant coaching on any topic. It’s highly personalized, flexible to your needs, and incredibly accurate, with the central goal of you doing your best work with the people you depend on.

integrated emotional intelligence training for leaders

Coaching When You need It,
Where You Want It

Give your team the most relevant insights possible for leveraging everyone’s strengths without getting lost in the details.