Digital Tools For Dynamic Leadership Development

Help managers motivate and recognize their team members with personalized coaching technology.

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Scale Managerial Effectiveness And Leadership Development

Transform leadership development with digital tools that bridge the gap between traditional classroom learning and the dynamic challenges of leadership.

Equip your managers to provide highly effective, personalized feedback and to adapt their approach to meet the unique motivational needs of each team member.

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Do Your Managers Struggle With Team Conflict Or Feel Out Of Sync With Those They Lead?

Personalized insights offer clear and specific strategies, enabling managers to quickly transform team challenges into opportunities for growth. People leaders can effectively inspire and unify their teams by recognizing and adapting to each individual’s unique communication style.

Empathetic Conflict Resolution

With Cloverleaf, managers gain the specific insight needed to resolve conflicts with empathy and understanding. Managers can quickly identify and address the root causes of disagreements to keep work humming.

Adaptive Leadership Styles

Empower managers to adapt their approach to meet the diverse needs of individuals on their team. By understanding the unique strengths and preferences of each team member, managers can tailor their approach for ideal outcomes.

Enhanced Team Communication

Access customized advice for clear and effective dialogue to ensure that every team member feels heard and valued.

How Does Cloverleaf Equip Managers To Lead High-Performing Teams?

Provide A Leadership Edge

Accessible coaching anytime, anywhere, specific to the immediate needs of your leaders.

Inform Meaningful Personalized Recognition

Empower managers to recognize team members according to their preferences.

Features that matter

Immediate and actionable advice for any leadership challenges, ensuring managers stay adaptable and collaborative.

Sustainable Leadership Development

Extend the impact of traditional development programs with ongoing, cost-effective digital coaching.

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Cloverleaf’s coaching is specific to each manager’s strengths, offering personalized insights. It identifies individual managerial styles and strengths through assessments and then provides targeted tips and strategies. This personalized guidance helps managers leverage their specific abilities for effective leadership and team development.

Cloverleaf enhances team management in diverse settings by providing insights into each team member’s communication style, strengths, and preferences.

We combine the data from 10 popular assessments, including Enneagram, 16-Types, and DISC, to provide actionable and insightful coaching prompts in the workplace tools you love, like Google, Workspace, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and calendar integration.


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Cloverleaf uses 10 popular assessments, including 16-Types, Culture Pulse, DISC, Energy Rhythm, Enneagram, Instinctive Drives, Motivating Values, Strengthscope®, StrengthsFinder, and VIA.
Automated Coaching™ delivers relevant insight and prompting in the workplace tools people use every day. Individuals can directly apply this perspective to increase emotional intelligence, strengthen communication, identify opportunities for collaboration, and work through conflict successfully with teammates.

Cloverleaf easily scales with organizations and teams of all sizes. Teams and departments can easily invite one another onto the platform. The Team Dashboard helps members quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for delegating work to ensure efficient projects and communication.

With the leadership of our academic research team, Cloverleaf measures growth in constructs such as self-awareness, others’ awareness, inclusion, teaming effectiveness & psychological safety.


Cloverleaf allows users to rate every piece of coaching content. With each coaching tip, we ask simple questions like, was this coaching helpful? This immediate feedback is a starting point for users to provide even more context concerning the effectiveness and relevance of the coaching they receive.


These data points are significant because they offer insight that correlates with the team and organizational sentiment, relevance to their role, and help convey the ROI of Automated Coaching™ on business-critical goals.

Cloverleaf integrates with the workplace tools you love, like Google, Workspace, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Calendars.

Cloverleaf’s assessment-driven coaching helps team members adapt their leadership, communication, and behavior in real-time. The powerful insights help teams uncover and leverage employee strengths and potential. Individuals can see how diverse or similar their team is and how they complement one another. Increasing self-awareness among your team builds trust and empathy, empowering employees to bring their whole selves to work.

In short, the answer is yes. While “AI” is a broad term encompassing various technologies, it’s crucial to clarify what we at Cloverleaf mean when we say “AI.” We define AI as the use of software algorithms that function and evolve based on training data, which updates the weights of a model. This differs from non-AI software that operates on explicit rules written in code. Like many tech companies, Cloverleaf integrates both rule-based algorithms and weight-based models to enhance our product. As new technology and techniques emerge, we rigorously study their potential and constraints, and strategically incorporate these advancements to further our ultimate mission: “Unleash people to do their best work.”

We’re always working to improve our product which means adding AI features when and where it makes sense. Here’s a list of the current Cloverleaf features that leverage AI. We’ll keep updating this list when we add new things. 


Insight Search: Insight search is powered in part by a text embedding model. Text embedding is the process of transforming words or phrases into numerical vectors that represent their semantic meaning. It allows us to connect your free text searches with the most relevant Cloverleaf coaching tips. We make sure your searches are private by removing any personal information, like names. We look at these searches to see where we can make things better, but we don’t use them to train our AI.


Tip Generation: Right now, the tips you see on Cloverleaf are rooted in research and written by real people who work for Cloverleaf. As AI technology improves, we’re using large language models (LLMs) to help with things like checking spelling and grammar. We’re also using it to improve our tip quality and tone at scale. We’ve made an intentional decision in our approach to ensure that 1) generative AI does not use any customer data and 2) any content modified by AI tools is truthful and rooted in research.