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Instinctive Drives Authenticates Personal & Professional Succes

Paul Burgess created Instinctive Drives in 1991 after being fascinated with what motivates humans and what they need to operate at their best for natural-born success. He concluded that when people have the ability to do things that align with their innate drives and motivations, they will see the results they want, be fulfilled, and be in good health with themselves and those around them.

According to, when thinking about I.D. “Imagine living each day ‘in the zone’ with energy, focus, excitement, and purpose! Everyone has a natural way of doing things that work best for them…The Instinctive Drives questionnaire authenticates your innate drives and motivations, uncovering exactly what you need to be at your best – personally and professionally.”  

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We chose to add I.D. to our platform at Cloverleaf because, according to Darrin Murriner, our CEO, “I.D. is unique to the Cloverleaf platform in that it provides compelling insight into the innate motivations that drive our actions and behaviors. I.D.’s content does a great job of not only describing these motivators but also providing clear insights and strategies for harnessing those motivations toward living life at peak performance. I.D. has demonstrated success in delivering on this concept across the enterprise for large Fortune 1000 companies and we are excited to bring that same insight to Cloverleaf users.”

According to Instinctive Drives, I.D. is different than other tools because it:

  • Identifies core drives and motivations, rather than personality or learned behavior, enabling a deep-level of insight and personal profiling ‘ah-ha moments’ that endure.

  • Offers practical, targeted strategies that deliver better results faster, clients tell us that they value the I.D. because it quickly moves them from insight to action.

  • Provides individuals with a personal formula for success and fulfillment, making a compelling link between their natural way and their health and well-being.

  • Uses technology to enable real-time/interactive use of I.D. insights and strategies, adding value and ongoing opportunities for use by you and your clients.

  • Accelerates understanding of others and how to best communicate and engage with them, helping clients build better personal and professional relationships.

Take your Instinctive Drives assessment on Cloverleaf here.


1) Insights & Strategies

Instinctive Drives triggers moments of deep insight – aha moments – into the causes of stress and frustration, and the things people need to be at their best. At last, people get to understand, for example, why they feel compelled to do things a certain way, why a critical relationship keeps stalling, or why a situation causes them so much angst. People also realize the impact on their well-being of continually doing things a certain way to meet others’ needs, or because they feel they should or ought to do them that way. These insights – aided by our practical strategies – frequently transform how people move forward.

2) Peak Performance Needs

A person’s Instinctive Drives define what they need to be at their best in any situation, role or relationship. While factors such as upbringing, training or life experience can influence and change people’s behavior over time, I.D. needs are innate and therefore constant. Needs differ between individuals. For example, one’s person’s route to delivering a great presentation may be preparation and dress rehearsals (they need time to think, make a plan, and require feedback to course-correct), while another person’s may involve brainstorming, creating last-minute bullets, and working it out as they go (they need interaction, urgency, and flexibility). I.D. isn’t about what people can or can’t do, it is about what they need to find their own personal success code and fulfillment.

3) Talents & Vulnerabilities

A person’s Instinctive Drives reveal why many of the things they do come easily and naturally to them and not necessarily to others. People often fail to recognize these things as talents and underestimate how special natural-born success is. This is because these talents require such little effort on their part, but they’re often the abilities for which others seek them out, and for which they’re admired or envied. People make their best contribution when able to spend time on what comes naturally versus continually having to make unnatural ‘against the grain’ efforts.

The same Instinctive Drives that create a person’s talents can also manifest as vulnerabilities – and often as blind spots. These things are not wrong and nor are they weaknesses; they will always be there and they are a part of who a person is and so cannot be ‘fixed’. However, it is possible to be more conscious of these things, actively manage them, and reduce their impact. In this way, people can ensure they don’t get in the way of relationships and goals.

4) Understanding of Others

The I.D. System triggers an understanding of others’ differing needs and talents. Without this, when people approach things in a different way than us, it can be challenging not to judge or exclude them, and easy to disregard their needs and lose sight of their talents. The I.D. System accelerates people’s awareness and appreciation of others’ needs and talents, a critical step to building the trust essential for effective collaboration and high team performance in the workplace.

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