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Cloverleaf® Partners With The Ken Blanchard Companies® To Help Teams Love Working Together

CINCINNATI – November 09, 2022 – Cloverleaf, an Automated Coaching™ technology designed to bring out the best in workers and teams, is partnering with The Ken Blanchard Companies® to bring more coaching resources to work teams and companies. 

The Ken Blanchard Companies® define coaching as focused conversations that accelerate performance and development. With Blanchard’s coaching methodology and personal and team insights, and daily coaching from Cloverleaf, people are more likely to achieve their goals.  

“Leveraging the power of Cloverleaf to augment Blanchard leadership development programs and coaching is such a great way to keep the momentum, reinforce new skills to become habits, and support teams as they develop along the continuum to high performance. The ease of having data in one place to better understand yourself and others is so powerful. We see this as a truly symbiotic relationship in which our solutions truly complement each other,” says Lael Good, Director of Global Consulting Services at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

According to Darrin Murriner, CEO of Cloverleaf, “The partnership with The Ken Blanchard Companies® will help us to offer more well-rounded coaching to our current and prospective Cloverleaf users. The rich content provided by Blanchard will help individuals and leaders to build relationships, develop leadership skills, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.”  

Curated articles, blogs, podcasts, and research from The Ken Blanchard Companies are now available to users as part of the Resources Feed within the Cloverleaf platform. Start your 14-day team trial at

About Cloverleaf®

Cloverleaf is a powerful coaching tool that unleashes people to do their best work, together. Cloverleaf’s technology sends personalized, meaningful coaching tips that leverage respected psychology data from assessments like DISC, Enneagram, and Strengthscope. With a few sentences a day, we help every person tap into their unique value, build understanding, and improve collaboration.

Cloverleaf integrates seamlessly into the systems teams already use every day, including Google Workplace, Microsoft 365, and Slack. Companies like HP Enterprise, Kroger, and Monster Energy have already turned to Cloverleaf to maximize their organization’s talent.

Every month, Cloverleaf sends out millions of tips to more than one million users, 21,000 teams, and hundreds of coaches, helping people at the world’s best companies thrive at work. Start a free trial for your team at

The Ken Blanchard Companies®

The Ken Blanchard Companies is a global leader in management training, consulting, and coaching. For more than 40 years, Blanchard has been helping organizations develop inspired leaders at all levels and create cultures of connection that unleash talent and deliver extraordinary results.

Blanchard’s SLII ®  powers inspired leaders and is the leadership model of choice for more than 10,000 organizations worldwide. Blanchard also offers a suite of other award-winning leadership development solutions through flexible delivery modalities to meet the specific needs of its clients. Learn more at

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