KnowledgeWorks is a non-profit focused on improving educational outcomes in schools across the country. They provide innovative tools, training and assistance to school leaders, teachers and community stakeholders, resulting in more innovative and effective learning environments.


KnowledgeWork’s HR department had previously tried using assessments in team building situations but rarely had a way to engage with the content after team building sessions.They wanted a way to help their employees know themselves better and to better adapt their approach to their teammates.


Over a year ago, In June 2017, KnowledgeWorks rolled Cloverleaf out to their entire organization and paired it with an initial coaching session for each team. They embedded it into their onboarding process for new hires and through the constant reinforcement of soft-skill concepts, KnowledgeWorks and their employees saw these changes from the annual employee survey between 2017 and 2018:

  • 9% Improvement in employee development
  • 15% Improvement in Leadership Team Effectiveness
  • 7% Improvement in Communication