Collaboration is today's most critical skill. Learn how to build it quickly and unleash powerful teamwork.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of humans in the biggest brands across the globe unlock effective teamwork with microlearning in just a few minutes a day.

From new hires to CEOs, learn how ordinary individuals in any organization can do extraordinary work with each other. Every day, people in companies around the world are harnessing personalized insight to drive powerful, collaborative change.

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10 Things This Book Will Teach You

Learn how to…

  1. Transition from prioritizing individual productivity to embracing team-based value creation.
  2. Recognize the crucial role of collaboration in driving innovation and success in the modern economy.
  3. Shift focus from individual performance metrics to emphasizing overall team effectiveness.
  4. Implement self and peer coaching to enhance teamwork.
  5. Embed continuous learning seamlessly into daily workflows.
  6. Enable the free flow of information, data, and knowledge within teams.
  7. Leverage the diverse perspectives of individuals as collective strengths.
  8. Adapt development initiatives to support ongoing collaborative learning.
  9. Reevaluate performance indicators to reflect the value of teamwork and collaboration.
  10. Cultivate adaptability and innovative thinking through skilled collaboration.

… and so much more.

By next week, you could be the catalyst in your organization for more collaborative relationships and powerful problem-solving. Unlock the potential of your people to produce work they are deeply proud of and that makes our world an increasingly better place.

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Discover the untapped potential in your organization by adopting two fundamental beliefs, and learn how to leverage diverse strengths for true collaborative success.

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meet the authors

Kirsten is the co-founder & COO of She often speaks on the power of diversity of thought and psychologically safe cultures, from her TEDx talk to her podcast “People are Complicated,” and her LinkedIn Lives with Talent, Learning and Development Leaders. While building Cloverleaf, Kirsten has also been building her young family in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she lives with her husband and two young kids.

Darrin Murriner is the co-founder and CEO of Before starting Cloverleaf, Darrin had a 15-year corporate career that spanned Munich Re, Arthur Andersen, and Fifth Third Bank. Darrin is also the author of Corporate Bravery, a book focused on helping leaders avoid fear-based decision-making.

Scott Dust, Ph.D. is the Chief Research Officer at Cloverleaf. Dr. Dust is also a management professor and the Fealy Family Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati. His research focuses on leadership and team development and has been published in over 30 peer-reviewed academic journals. Dr. Dust is also on the editorial review board of several journals including the Journal of Organizational Behavior, Group and Organization Management, and Applied Psychology.

about cloverleaf

Cloverleaf helps tens of thousands of teams in the biggest brands across the globe move beyond one-size-fits-all training to personalized micro-learnings that are just what each individual needs, right when they need it. Reimagine collaboration by equipping every person with immediate understanding of what makes each other tick and how to work best together – all through the magic of Automated Coaching™.

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