Understand Your Enneagram Results To Unleash Your Full Potential

By taking assessments and gaining access to actionable insights on your results, you will increase your self-awareness and learn how to work together as a team more effectively.

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How Can Cloverleaf and

the Enneagram Help You?

The standard assessment model is broken. On average, companies spend between $30-100 per employee to take a one-time assessment like the Enneagram and have a single debrief or workshop. After a few weeks, those results are left in a drawer, employees forget the “takeaways”, and companies see no ROI.

With Cloverleaf, assessment data comes alive. After taking the Enneagram assessment, Cloverleaf uses the results to integrate relevant, bite-sized coaching content into tools teams use daily (email, calendar, MS Teams) to reinforce personal development & teamwork by serving up actionable insights within the flow of work.

There are nine personality types in the Enneagram system, each with its unique set of characteristics and specific motivating drivers. By understanding these different characteristics, team members can learn how to work more effectively with one another.

Take the quiz and gain immediate access to your Cloverleaf dashboard to receive:


Customized Coaching Network

Chose who you get tips about to ensure coaching is perfectly customized to your needs

Functional Integrations

Get your coaching tips where they make the most sense for your flow of work. Cloverleaf integrates with your calendar, email, MS Teams, Slack, and Google Workplace

Team Dashboard

Add your coworkers and build a team to get a visual map of your organization's different personalities and work styles to help build a more cohesive team

Additional Assessments

Enneagram is just the beginning. Figure out how your 16 Types, DISC, and more play into your work and personal relationships


download The Enneagram Guide To Healthy Teams In The Workplace

This guide contains:


The Enneagram describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram describes nine personality types and maps each of these types on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another.

Assessment-driven coaching helps team members adapt their leadership, communication, and behavior in real-time. The powerful insights help teams uncover and leverage employee strengths and potential. Individuals can see how diverse or similar their team is and how they complement one another. Increasing self-awareness among your team builds trust and empathy, empowering employees to bring their whole selves to work.


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We combine the data from 10 popular motivational, behavioral, and personality assessments to create a profile on individual users on a team. These profiles help provide actionable and insightful coaching prompts that are delivered in workplace tools you love, like Google, Workplace, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and calendar integrations.

Automated Coaching™ delivers relevant insight and prompting in the workplace tools people use every day. Individuals can directly apply this perspective to increase emotional intelligence, strengthen communication, identify opportunities for collaboration, and work through conflict successfully with teammates.