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Get in-depth training with Five Capitals in the design and application of individual and team-based Enneagram development approaches.


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Become certified in the Enneagram personality test and become an Enneagram teacher. You will be eligible to establish your own account and use your knowledge of the Enneagram with clients. Learn how one deals with problems, positive and negative feelings, procedures, and routines and pace. These skills will help you learn how to interact and empathize with others. On an individual level, the Enneagram can help build confidence and understanding of an individual’s own personal healthy and unhealthy behaviors. The self-awareness that can be gained through the Enneagram ultimately can lead to better consciousness and habits that would grow leadership skills, motivation, and effectiveness. On a team level, understanding the different Enneagram personality types can help decrease judgment and critique of others while increasing compassion and sensitivity for others. Understanding other teammates’ work styles can improve communication, creativity, and productivity. 

The background, tools, and techniques you learn from this certification can be applied to individual coaching, team performance, and organizational development. Not only will you get access to leading technology from Cloverleaf but you get training on how to apply Enneagram concepts for any business problem. 

The Enneagram study allows the deepening of personal and professional relationships through understanding behavioral patterns of different personality types under different circumstances of difficulty, pain, and conflict. Results from the Enneagram test help identify personal blind spots and allow for personal and relational growth.

The  Cleaver DISC/PDS  was developed by John “Clipper” Cleaver in 1956, and built on the ground-breaking work of industrial engineer William Marston.

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Get trained in the fundamental components of Enneagram through hands-on analysis of sample profiles over the course of the one-day experience.The comparison of a range of profiles as well as key concepts such as triads and arrows reveals the power of the instrument to help identify opportunities for individual and team success, and potential human behavior challenges.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified in the use of Enneagram and eligible to establish their own Cloverleaf coaching account for online use. Certified users will be given a “starter kit” of standard reports and discounted pricing going forward based on usage. Certification can be provided remotely to fit your schedule or on-site - you choose the approach that fits your schedule and budget.


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Five Capitals coaches business leaders with practical tools about the Enneagram basic personality types to build productive, healthy, integrated, and profitable lives. Five Capitals wants to help you and your team advance your relationships and your businesses. 

Enneagram training is one of the tools used by Five Capitals to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. The Five Capitals Enneagram Certification allows individuals and teams to gain more emotional intelligence and determine any personal blind spots. The training program focuses on leading people to become more healthy, efficient, effective, and influential. 

The Five Capitals Enneagram coaching training program is designed into 3 different aspects: information and insight, imitation, and innovation. These stages of training will equip participants with a solid foundation in Enneagram coaching. Within information and insight, Five Capitals will guide participants in understanding the reasoning and content behind the tools of the Enneagram. In the imitation stage of training, participants will be able to practice their skills and tools in different cases that are modeled. This will help grow confidence in asking questions, advising, and coaching. Within the innovation aspect, Five Capitals will help participants discern and develop their own unique styles of coaching and refine their own individual specialization. 

Five Capitals strives to equip leaders with essentials to accomplish their goals and dreams. Whether you are a small business owner who needs a break-through or a CEO who wants to build a passionate work environment, Five Capitals Enneagram coaching can be beneficial for anybody who wants to grow in more compassion, understanding, and empathy for others. 

If you want to unlock the full potential of your report and put the insights into action, get a certified coach to walk you through everything.