How Cloverleaf works for Human Resources.

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Input what you know.

Use assessments and information you already have, or provide assessments on Cloverleaf. DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, VIA, and our own proprietary Culture Pulse Survey are available on the platform.

Don't see your assessment? We can add it.


visualize your team.

See the way your people work together, and with you. Give managers the tools they need to move assessment data outside the classroom and into the hands of your employees that can improve performance.

Speaking of performance, Cloverleaf helps you identify misaligned expectations and allows you to deliver individual performance plans in the context of team outcomes and aligned with individual strengths.

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See what it all means.

Run scenarios, seize opportunities, and know your people. As an HR leader or a Learning & Development professional you can look across your workforce to identify hidden talent, place new hires in the right roles or on the right project teams.


Ready to get your workforce assessment data all in one place? Ready to make that data actionable?