Integrations with the tools you already love

When you take an assessment, you might think…now what? We are the now what?! Using your assessment results throughout your daily life is made easy through our integrations. After completing assessments, you will receive ongoing coaching right to your fingertips on tools you already use everyday.


Connect Slack to use Cloverleaf in real-time with the people you work and communicate with! You and your team will receive prompts throughout the week to start powerful, culture-building conversations.

Prompts sometimes include insights about those on your team, promoting empowering discussions and opportunities to recognize each other. You can use slash commands to automatically get insights on team members with connected accounts as well as insights on different topics like communication, work style, development, and more!

Microsoft Teams

Connect Microsoft Teams to use Cloverleaf in your normal flow of work! The Cloverleaf bot sends conversation prompts a couple of times a week to get your team talking in a way that builds powerful culture.

After using the Cloverleaf bot over time, you’ll notice that your team culture more naturally supports conversations where you learn about each other and approach situations with more curiosity and collaboration.


By connecting your email, you’ll receive Automated Coaching™ right in your inbox. You’ll get a tip about yourself and someone on your team – giving you a chance to see how you and someone else on your team might work together, even if you do not work closely with them.

You can adjust your notification settings to control email tip frequency and our Coaching Network allows you to customize exactly who you receive coaching tips about based on your selections.


In addition to connecting your email account to Cloverleaf, you can also connect your Google or Microsoft calendar. Within this integration, you have access to customize when you receive calendar digests in your email inbox with insights on everyone you have a meeting with that day.

This digest is also available on your ME Dashboard daily. That way, you will be prepared to go into your meetings with co-workers and potential clients!

Other Integrations


SAP has accepted Cloverleaf into their startup program, with the initial integration being to SAP SuccessFactors. Access Cloverleaf through SAP here. Contact us here for more information on our integration with SAP.


Cloverleaf’s Open API framework allows partners to integrate Cloverleaf into their core product solutions. Technology partnerships can help you bring assessments or automated coaching to your customers, employees, or partners. To learn more about existing integrations, click here.

Cloverleaf Technology Partner

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