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Team Effectiveness Survey


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13 questions

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In this survey we assess the effectiveness of teams in terms of communication, trust, skill set, role clarity, and mission.



Previous research.

Complete the above survey and get our full report on our previous research project: The Impact Teams Have On Culture & Productivity


  • Culture and productivity are positively correlated. Companies intuitively understand this but they go about “fostering culture” in the wrong way.

  • Turns out, ping-pong tables and kegerators don’t make the culture.However, improving relationships between managers and members of their team, and among team members, do.

  • The problem is, we lack the tools to properly measure relationships. This happens to be one of the primary complaints among managers.

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Behind every great employee is a great manager

  • People at all levels of a company want improved performance, but they aren’t sure how to get there.

  • Managers can make or break employee performance. The problem is that most managers are set up for failure when it comes to managing productive teams.

  • Teams drive productivity. Managers drive teams. A productive workforce can be the result of companies properly supporting their managers with the right resources.