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Boss to Coach Playbook


go from boss to coach

This chapter-by-chapter playbook helps new managers build a team that loves working together. Our experts highlight the most valuable tips to empower new managers to move from a boss to a coach. Learn practical management skills you can use right away.

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You'll learn:

Meet our experts

Dr. Scott Dust with a light blue square behind him

dr. Scott Dust

Cloverleaf Chief Research Officer, Management Professor at University of Cincinnati, and Ph.D in Organizational Behavior.

Stephanie Licata with a light blue square behind her

Stephanie Licata

M.A., A.C.C., Cloverleaf Coaching Strategist, Senior Coaching & Strategic Business Growth Professional.

Darrin Murriner with a light blue square behind him

Darrin Murriner

CEO and Cofounder of Cloverleaf and author of “Corporate Bravery”.

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