Capture your team.

Easily see the way your team works together, and with you. Give your people the tools they need to improve communication, overcome conflict, and build better relationships.

awareness for individuals and team.

With the right resources and tools, your team can do their best work. The Cloverleaf platform supports six different assessments so you can begin to understand your team as a whole. Using the Cloverleaf Dashboard, you can begin to gain insights on improving team performance. Identify missing roles and development opportunities for team members aligned with team goals. Perform scenario planning for forming new teams or the impact of adding new members to your team.


From motivation, to communication and work style, the Cloverleaf Insights provide continued awareness and understanding for your team and tips for working together. Through our calendar integration, compatible with both Google and Microsoft, team members can see topical insights about those on their team and work towards more effective communication and collaboration.


Insights on how to do your best work together


Billed annually



Unlimited Assessments

Calendar Integration (Google + Microsoft)

Curated Development Resources

Skills and Competency Inventory

Team Coaching Emails

Slack Integration

Team Dashboard

Relationship Mapping

Team role recommendation

Premium Coaching Content

Assessment Report Add-on