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scalE culture

Keep a handle on your company’s culture by quickly and comprehensively being able to understand a new hire’s personality, skills and culture preferences. Enable your employees to understand employee #121 as well as the first 20 knew each other. The best part? No need to log on to another platform; get insights directly sent to the tools your employees already use like Gmail and Slack.


connect & engage remote employees

As companies grow, and employees spread out across different offices, states and countries, be able to see entire teams’ at a birds eye level. Teams can better understand individuals, and how to communicate best with each other - all without have to step foot in the same room.

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With fast growth and quickly changing teams, give new managers the ability to know how to motivate and lead their people. Tap into what motivates behavior, how to give the best feedback and build authentic relationships.


Build Better Relationships and Improve Communication